The precious time between the dead and the funeral

By Gabriele Maass 3 years ago

Sunday, 18.09.2016 / 12:15 – 13:00 / Talk followed by questions and answers

Uller Gescheidel and Maren Repenning

A female and a male undertaker tell about their experiences with funerals in the Buddhist environment and answer questions.

We live in a time of change. Many people have left their original communities of faith, have turned towards Buddhism and wish a Buddhist attendance for dying and death. Now, the Buddhist communities are challenged to reflect how to cope with these requirements.

From a Buddhist point of view, it is important to support the mind during the process of dying and death. Thereby, a peaceful atmosphere creates an appropriate space.

Prevention through the means of a spiritual will on the one side, otherwise the offer of the spiritual community brings ease in the process of dying and in the precious time just after death.

For at death, there are many decisions to make: laying-out, crematory, cemetery, funeral service, to name just a few. They all deal with the dead body and they are inescapable- A lack of insufficient prevention produces many open questions and disquietude for the relatives.

If you look ahead and decide for yourself, many discussions can be avoided and all your wishes can be respected by all involved persons.

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