Accepted by health insurance – Buddhist hospice work – midst of society

By Gabriele Maass 3 years ago

Saturday, 17.09.2016 / 18:00 – 18:45 / Talk 

Miriam Pokora

– A glimpse into the work of the Buddhism-inspired outreach Hospice Horizont in Berlin –

Miriam Pokora and Michaela Draeger co-direct the Buddhism-inspired hospice of Bodhicharya Deutschland e.V., Hospizdienst Horizont. Her 10 years of experience encompass all highs and lows of the Berlin hospice landscape. This talk is based on actual case studies and illustrates the daily work of the hospice. Participants will learn how Buddhist hospice care can be realized in Germany, for clients who aren’t necessarily Buddhists, but who would simply like to live a self-determined and dignified life until the end; ideally at home, with good quality of life, without fear and pain, and with good psycho-social support. The talk will also show how Buddhists and non-Buddhists can profit from the additional spiritual offerings of the hospice.

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