Self-determined dying – a spiritual will

By Gabriele Maass 3 years ago

Saturday, 17.09.2016 / 17:00 – 17:45 / Talk, discussion and visualisation 

Lisa Freund

 We can take responsibility for the end of our lives and in our society, we actually should do so; but we cannot influence the moment of our death, and can influence only partially its circumstances. Dissolving the illusion that we can control everything, it is crucial to deeply within us let go of wills, directives and their contents as soon as we have written them. In our spiritual will, we express how we would like to be looked after on our last journey, by whom and what kind of circumstances we would prefer.

We transcend the barrier of our ignorance – it will still have some time – to get on our spiritual path and we give friends and family the chance to express their compassion for us in a way which is beneficial for us. Giving and taking should be like a flow.

The process of finding clarity requires courage; it can also mean to say “no” to practises which do not touch our hearts.

Only such a kind of inner process makes sense and is valuable and meaningful. Talk, discussion and visualisation for our spiritual will are the methods of this workshop, in combination with a small homework!

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