How to deal with grief and loss

By Gabriele Maass 4 years ago

Sunday, 09/18/2016 / 12.15pm – 1.00pm / Conversation

Lama Yeshe Sangmo and Beate Dirkschnieder

Dealing with despair and the emotions of a bereaved  requires an unbiased, open presence and willingness to endure and carry  the pain of others, which is a major challenge. 

In the workshop we will open ourselves to the extent to which the contemplative approach and Buddhist wisdom tradition can help mourners and their company being in contact with painful feelings,   without getting lost in it.Which exercises do we know, that enable a bereaved even in this very painful phase of life after the loss of a loved one to develop and sustain strength perspective and confidence?    What are the basic aspects required from the companion?

The two speakers will  share their experiences with the participants and look forward to an exchange.

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