Approaching once own death

By Gabriele Maass 3 years ago

Saturday, 17.09.2016 / 17:00 – 17:45 / Talk

Lama Yeshe Sangmo

„In death our present frame of reference dissolves. It is the end of our familiar world. We find ourselves completely alone. The illusion of being encountered by others and doing important things, collapses in death.”  Gendün Rinpoche

If we face up to the reality of death, to its inevitability today already, we can prepare ourselves and meet its eye more relaxed and clear minded. In her talk Lama Yesche Sangmo will comment on the dying process from the buddhist perspective, and expound the possibilities how to face death in life. Lama Yeshe Sangmo will also give the opportunity for asking questions.

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