Impermanence. Coming and going, coming and …

By Gabriele Maass 4 years ago

Saturday, 09/17/2016 / 12.15pm – 01.15pm / Workshop

Dr. med. Friederike Juen Boissevain


Coming and going, coming and …

The Buddha met a dead person and started his spiritual search. His experience of old age, sickness and death lead him to a path, with goal of ultimate liberation from the human anguish of his own impermanence and death.

Flowers perish, firewood becomes ashes. People become sick and die. As long as this is written on a screen or in books, most os us feel safe. But at some point – fro some earlier, for others later – we will have to face it: directly und unmistakably, we will meet the death of a close relative or because we ourselves are seriously sick.

How we approach this central question will definitively effect our current life. The big issue of dying is also a big issue of our life.

From the perspective of Zen-Buddhism this workshop will approach this topic with dialogues, practical trainings and meditations. We try to explore, what does impermanence mean for us and how we can hold this often feared, but at the end unavoidable fact of our life with love and become like a friend all along – today and long into the future.

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