The practice of Tonglen

By Gabriele Maass 4 years ago

Saturday, 17.09.2016 / 18:00 – 18:45 / Introduction and Guided Meditation

Yesche U. Regel

Tonglen-Practice – Meditation to develop compassion  … such as when taking care of the sick and dying

In these times, where global problems and those of society are so all-pervasive, compassion is the must have. The main thing is not the focus on self-pitty (to feel the pain of others make us also feeling the pain), but on true compassion. The practice of tonglen, a mediation method from Tibetan Buddhism, can help us to develop and strengthen compassion. The practice is based on mindful breathing, while the practitioner imagines to accept suffering and to send compassion – first to one self, than for others and the whole world. Psychotherapists, carer and medical staff/doctors in hospitals, nursing-homes and hospices can benefit from the meditation method.

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