„How do I help others in the process of dying?” A western practitioner’s experience

By Dorothea Reimann 4 years ago

Saturday, 09/17/2016 / 06.00pm – 06.45pm / Talk followed by a discussion

Karola Schneider

Meditating on impermanence is an important issue in Buddist practice. Still, the topic of death remains somewhat theoretical – until the death of some close friend gives us the opportunity to check the results of our meditation practice. To the dying person, it is essential to settle unresolved matters. Being able to consult and support them in this endeavour is wonderful.

Amazing experiences can be made while dreaming, in near death experience, meditation practice and in accompanying dying friends. This can be encouraging, touching and can awake thankfulness. After years of Buddhist practice and having accompanied some close friends and relatives in their dying process, I have concluded that good habits give life a meaning and orientation. Thinking beyond the personal issues, the ability to trust and love. The good, shared throughout one’s life, remains as a truth as such.

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