“What am I supposed to do or say?” Mindfullness and awareness associating with dying people – The contemplative approach

By Dorothea Reimann 4 years ago

Saturday, 09/17/2016 / 06.00pm – 06.45pm / Talk including exercises

Dr. med. Almut Göppert and Kirsten DeLeo


Caring for a dying person is not a philosophical matter disconnected from the reality of our everyday lives. It is both the experience and practice of human connection on the deepest level and applied wisdom. This talk will be experiential in nature and in clude practical exercises. In this session, we will look at the questions of how we can meet a dying or seriously ill person with confidence and without becoming overwhelmed by our own emotional responses. We will explore practical methods tohelp us respond to others’ need with greater awareness, mindfulness and sensitivity. We will also discuss how we can meet our own fears, feelings of loss, insecurities or helplessness in a kind and compassionate way

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