Life beyond death

By Dorothea Reimann 4 years ago

Saturday, 09/17/2016 / 07.45pm – 08.45pm / Video talk

Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim

“The world of wisdom, which we see is in fact the world of Buddha, in which birth and death are not two. So, even dying is not death and being alive is not actually the same as living.  According to the karma of each individual, the form is changed from one to another, life after life.

But in the world of sentient beings, which is actually the world we see with our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, body and intention, there is life and death.  Hence, while living, sentient beings do not wish to die, and an immediate attachment is formed to whatever is seen through the six senses.  A kind of mind appears whose sole motive and intention are to grab, keep and enjoy all that is perceived. Greediness for the possessions of others enlarges and becomes more intense if it is unfulfilled and the longed-for belongings cannot be acquired. Hence, upon leaving this world, there is no promise or time frame for a return to the world, and death is marked by great suffering filled with tears of sadness and regret.

But while alive, it is wise to take sincere refuge in Buddha (the Absolute, the Truth), Dharma and Sangha – the Three Jewels, practice sincerely and realize that all the Dharma are impermanent and without self-nature.  With this realization the suffering of birth and death will disappear. Rather, birth will be a time of joy. Death, on the other hand, will be accompanied by a sense of gratitude and satisfaction that life was lead correctly, with an immense appreciation for one’s own existence and that of others. Such calm and wisdom take one to nirvana.

Birth can be compared to one wisp of cloud, which disappears at the time of death. But the sky, an empty place itself, has no darkness in spite of being covered by a cloud. Nor is it brighter because the cloud has vanished. As it is, there is infinite incalculable life, and an infinite incalculable light.


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